More than 24 ans years of experience...

This website is part of a set of 4 main portofolios sites, showcasing the work of Diego Piccini (da Todi), programmer/Full Stack Developer (Web/Object), editorial content creator and Lead Designer in graphic arts. He cumulates over 24 years of experience.

Created in 2006 in Montreal (Canada), in the continuity of the first structure originally launched on the Côte d'Azur in France in the 90s, then relocated to Paris, the graphic and development studio Piccini da Todi is back in Europe, while continuing to collaborate with its clients and partners on two continents.

Exemples og graphic design and photo reportage (Lucca-Italy)

The studio offers the following services:

Graphic Start-Guide
Editorial illustration
Print and swipebook edition
Web design, UX-UI design
Photo reportage

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Digital agency

Graphic arts

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Graphic Start-Guide, Editorial illustration, Print and Swipebook editions, Webdesign, UX-UI Design, Photo Coverage, 2D/3D (...)

Graphic&Development Studio

Diego Piccini (da Todi)
Full Stack Programmer/Developer (back end/Front end)
Lead Developer

Graphic Arts Lead Designer
Content Manager

Company registered in France and Canada (for more information, click here).

SIREN : 411 389 216 - SIRET : 411 329 216 00028 (France) / Inc. : 661515-5 (Canada, Qc.)


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FR +33 7 67 31 05 40

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