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Like all professionals in our industry, we are in constant need of "raw material". The vague, impersonal and predictable stock photo is often not enough. This is when we act because the guenine photography never loses its intrinsic value... the captured magic of a privileged moment, that only a professional photographer can guarantee.

Two applications

We distinguish classic photo coverage from editorial illustration. The first type covers targeted reality (event), promotional (company) and factual (news) realities. The second type includes all thematic photos illustrating editorial content.

Photo Coverage - Tuscany

Photo Coverage - Photos Examples

Photo Coverage - Photos Examples

Photo Coverage - Photos Examples

Photo Coverage - Photos Examples

Graphic Start-Guide, Editorial illustration, Print and Swipebook editions, Webdesign, UX-UI Design, Photo Coverage, 2D/3D (...)

Graphic&Development Studio

Diego Piccini (da Todi)
Full Stack Programmer/Developer (back end/Front end)
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Graphic Arts Lead Designer
Content Manager

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